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Robin Heath

Secret Rulers & Hidden Forces in the Landscape.
Robin Heath is an experienced presenter and author within the subject known as "Earth Mysteries", a subject that remains ignored by the academic establishment. In finding out why, Robin focussed on location, taking the controversial subject of alignments and the siting of culturally important monuments, from the Stone Age to the Industrial Age, and revealing a constant cultural thread that connects them together. A clearly written and compelling narrative demonstrates the factors that influence the siting of important cultural and industrial powerpoints today. Many original photographs and graphics make this book simple to read, with conclusions with implications which are profoundly disturbing for modern culture. The author, previously a research scientist, mixes scientific method with the ancient sciences of archaeoastronomy, sacred geometry, geodetic and geomantic practices, including Feng Shui, and the system of ancient metrology. This book will recalibrate your opinions concerning the importance of "earth mysteries", presenting its arguments in a clear and open style, which may take time to sink in. Powerpoints provides a pocket size reality shift!

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