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The Green Odyssey

Chalwyn James

The Green Odyssey
This book recounts episodes in the life of a geologist, one Chalwyn James, an impressionable youth from the Welsh Border.

Adventures range widely over five continents. Many are set in the maelstrom of Africa at the time of "winds of change". The yarns, ranging from hilarious to poignant and dramatic, can be read and enjoyed at their face value.

But the reader will become aware that there is more to the book. For Chalwyn frankly shares a spiritual journey -"Simply told, I was trained to rape Earth, but I fell in love with her instead" - and concludes by making a powerful plea for a drastic reappraisal of our whole attitude to Nature and natural resources.

These surprising but informed insights that the experience of geology can provide are both refreshing and thought-provoking.

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