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The Song of Dermot & The Earl

G. H Orpen

The Song of Dermot & The Earl
Not since the day when St. Patrick preached his first sermon in Dichu's barn has there been any event of greater importance to Ireland than the coming of the Normans to her shores. The importance of this event was not duly recognized at the time by the Irish Annalists any more than it was perceived by the Irish Chieftains. Modern historians have thus to rely on the one hand on the writings of Giraldus Cambrensis, who was not an Irishman and not free from prejudices, and on a single Irishman, Morice Regan who was Dermot McMurrough's latimer or secretary; though his writing has not come down to us at first hand, there is every reason to believe that it is faithfully retailed to us by the writer of the old French rhymes contained and translated in this volume.

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