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Maid Marian

Thomas Love Peacock

Maid Marian
Thomas Love Peacock records in his diary for August 6, 1818: "Could not read or work for scheming my romance - rivers, castles, forests, abbeys, monks, maids, kings and banditti dancing before me like a masked ball." On November 29, he describes his work to shelley as "a comic romance of the twelfth century, which I shall make the vehicle of much oblique satire on all the oppressions that are done under the sun." But Peacock's tale is the concentration of the love of sylvan nature fostered by years of an open-air life and perpetual rambles in Windsor Forest and by the banks of the Thames. Peacock's book was first published in 1822, and the present production is a facsimile of the edition by Richard Garnett, published in 1891. See also The Misfortunes of Elfphn in Celtic section; also Old French Literature section

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