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King Alfred Myths and Mysteries

C. A Spinage

King Alfred Myths and Mysteries
This is as much a book about the early history and scenery of the North Berkshire Downs around White Horse Hill and the Vale of the White Horse, as it is about King Alfred, A potted biography of Alfred's life and an examination of his background is looked at in more critical vein than the other biographies of Alfred which, despite modern trends in objective historical writing, still err on the side of total adulation of a man who had his faults as much as any other. Presenting a radical departure from accepted beliefs the book examines a little-discussed topic of Alfred's relationship with Abingdon Abbey and also concludes that his birthplace was probably not where it is accepted to have been. Above all the book seeks to show that the area of the Vale which it covers, is of great historical interest and worthy of considerably more historical and archaeological attention than it has received to date.

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