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Simeon of Durham: A History of The Church of Durham


Simeon of Durham: A History of The Church of Durham
Simeon of Durham's history of the Church of Durham includes a detailed and connected account of the fortunes and migrations of the monks of St.Cuthbert, from the introduction of Christianity into Northumbria until the year 1096. Despite its title, it furnishes us with many important illustrations of the secular affairs of the northern districts of England. This second-edition Llanerch reprint of this title is expanded to include the continuation and other documents illustrative of Simeon of Durham's histories. Together with the Llanerch reprint of Simeon's History of the Kings, this book makes available the complete historical works of Simeon of Durham as translated by J. Stevenson. The original pagination of Stevenson's translation has been retained in this paperback facsimile reprint for ease of reference to the original edition of 1855 which included both of Simeon's historical works in one large volume.

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