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The Scalachronica Of Sir Thomas Gray

Sir H Maxwell

The Scalachronica Of Sir Thomas Gray
In August 1355, Sir Thomas Gray was Edward III's constable of Norham Castle, situated on the Tweed, just within the English border, when he sallied forth with only fifty men into an ambush prepared by a much larger Scottish force. He was taken prisoner and, being unable to raise the ransom demanded, spent two years in Edinburgh Castle where he had free run of the library and where, from material therein, he compiled his Scalachronica covering the reigns of Edward I, Edward II and Edward III. As a chronicle it is of particular value when Gray is dealing with the period covered by the actual experience of his father and himself. It also includes events not recorded elsewhere. The translation by Sir Herbert Maxwell is here reproduced as a facsimile of the text of the 1907 edition. This paperback edition has been produced as a reading text for historians, without the coloured illustrations of the arms of the principal knights mentioned in the chronicle, which decorated the first edition.

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