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A Book of British Ballads

Roy Palmer

A Book of British Ballads
First published in 1980 as Everyman's Book of British Ballads, Roy Palmer's book includes traditional ballads, street ballads, ballads of the music hall and of today. It contains over 120 ballads drawn from England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales, and includes some of the most beautiful love lyrics of the English language, cautionary tales more likely to encourage vice than to stamp it out, strange stories and marvellously wise comments on sex, courtship and marriage. Here is a wonderful collection of part of Britain's cultural heritage. Here are some press comments on the first edition: "...fascinating and comprehensive collection from every corner of the British Isles" - BIRMINGHAM POST.
"Libraries, music teachers, and teachers of English... will all want copies" - N.A.T.E. NEWS.
"...merits a place alongside one's copy of The Oxford Book of Ballads... an authoritative, enjoyable introduction to a field which is often neglected without reason, in favour of more 'serious1 literary studies" -UNISA ENGLISH STUDIES JOURNAL.
"...a really wide-ranging and original collection... at once a book for the shelf and the music stand... USE OF ENGLISH.
"...interesting and enlightening" - FOLKLORE, "...great fun" - WESTERN DAILY PRESS.

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