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Jataka Tales: Birth Stories of the Buddha

Ethel Beswick

Jataka Tales: Birth Stories of the Buddha
The Jataka Tales or Birth-Stories, of which there are 547 filling six volumes in English translation, are stories told by the Buddha of his previous births as bird, animal, man.. They were remembered and recorded by his followers not long after his death.
Throughout the stories we see the line of life possessing those spiritual qualities which blossom in Buddhahood acting in and through various types of bodies, always helping, always reasoning, acting after forethought, full of effort and animated by love, finally developing the power to sacrifice life itself.
Ethel Beswick has selected stories which are simple and easily understood, and which have a strong appeal to the higher qualities of man. In re-telling them she has successfully retained the spirit whilst simplifying the form of presentation.

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