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A Mozart Jigsaw

Brian D Freestone

A Mozart Jigsaw
This imaginative work, part serious, part humorous, written by an amateur enthusiast, centres around aspects of Mozart's short life. It looks at him from many viewpoints and demonstrates why, at a distance of more than two hundred years, we are still fascinated and inspired by the quality of his music. His enthusiasms, his foibles, his quirkiness and his genius are captured herein so that we gain further glimpses of his personality. This 'Mozart Jigsaw' looks at him through the eyes of some of the people he met in his short life; some with humour, some with jealousy, some with kindness, some with envy, many with admiration. As such, it may give an incomplete but nevertheless an entertaining picture of this genius and shows the continuing appeal of a composer with a God-given talent.
The book includes sketches and colour cartoons drawn by the author.
Readers comment:
"A beautiful read. I felt I had gone back in time and was in the theatres and homes enjoying the concerts. I felt the pain Mozart felt when he was sick, his loneliness, the days' journeys along bumpy roads. It was just amazing, the information collected, letters, stories. What a brilliant man. I will read it again and truly absorb all the information." J.H. (Perth, Australia).

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