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In Search of the Physicians of Myddfai

David P Davies

In Search of the Physicians of Myddfai
In 1861 the book The Physicians of Myddvai; Meddyygon Myddfai by the Rev. John Williams ab Ithel and John Pughe provided the Welsh reading public for the first time with a description of the Myddfai Tradition (Traddodiad Myddfai), the remedies and medical philosophy of a family of 13th century Welsh doctors from the lands of Carmarthenshire.
150 years further on the author returns to Myddfai to discover this tradition. Who were these doctors and how might they have acquired their medical knowledge? What were the remedies and their medicinal value? And what of the doctors' legacies? Remembered also are their legendary origins, born to the Lady of the Lake (Merch Llyn y Fan Fach), a magical story that weaves its way throughout the book.
This personal odyssey builds on earlier writings telling the complete story of the famous family of doctors and their remedies.
This book is written mainly for a general readership, where sadly all too little is known of Welsh history and culture. It might also not be out of place on the book shelves of those who might wish to broaden their understanding of early medicine.
The author was a consultant paediatrician and Professor of Paediatrics at the University of Wales College of Medicine, in Cardiff.

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