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Tao-Te-Ching of Lao-Tzu

Leon Wieger & Derek Bryce

Tao-Te-Ching of Lao-Tzu
Dr Leon Wieger was a distinguished Sinologist who spent most of his adult life in China; he died there in 1933. The exceptional clarity of his translations of the Taoist (or Daoist) writings owes much to his deep understanding of the Chinese way of thought, his use of the traditionsal commentaries, and his recognition that the Chinese characters should be translated according to their ancient meanings. Ths Tao-te-ching should be translated as "A Treatise on the Principle and its Action" (from the ancient meanings of Tao and te). This is more exact than "A Treatise on the Way and Virue" (which is from modern meanings od Tao and te). The translation has the benefit of summaries of the traditional Chinese commentaries, and there is an appendix containing summaries of the writings attributed to three other ancient Taoists, Huai-nan-tzu, Kuan-yin-tzu and Tung-ku-ching.
The cover illustration of Lao-tzu is from an ancient Chinese painting.

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