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Kismet & Karma (The Black Glen)

Elizabeth Burton

Kismet & Karma   (The Black Glen)
The year is 1965. The majority of the younger generation are taking
advantage of a time of liberation from outdated values, revolutionary music
and the sexual freedom of "The Swinging Sixties"; but not Isobel Caldwell.
She has forsaken the rat race.

Isobel is happily married to the man of her dreams and has just become
tenant crofter of the Black Glen, a remote croft in the Scottish Highlands.
Best of all though, following her recent heartache at suffering a
miscarriage, she is pregnant again. At just twenty three years of age, what
more could she ask for?

Despite her gift of foresight, even she couldn't have predicted the cruel
blow that fate was about to deal, or the twists and turns her life would
take as she continues on its journey.

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