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The Black Glen (An Gleann Dubh)

Elizabeth Burton

The Black Glen (An Gleann Dubh)
The Black Glen can be found in the remoteness of the Scottish Highlands. Its beauty is breathtaking, its aura, idyllic. It is certainly in sharp contrast to a city ravaged by the effects of World War II. Here in the glen, Isobel Ferguson finds solace from her mundane life amid the chaos of the city. Consequently, a weekend sojourn, to visit a sister whom she hasn't met before, is a major turning point in her young life.
Isobel is just ten years old when the chance visit to the croft in the glen changes her life forever, but from that moment onwards, bizarre and unimaginable quirks of fate continue to influence her life.
Based on real events, this is a story of Isobel's journey in pursuit of her dream. Along the way, she discovers many things. Intrigue, unconditional love, joy, romance, and tragedy. Not to mention, an inconceivable revelation.

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