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Maid of Sulibhan

Elizabeth Burton

Maid of Sulibhan
The Black Glen Trilogy conclusion.....
Shortly after being discharged from hospital following a horrific car crash, an inconceivable turn of events sees Isobel and her two young children staying on a remote island off the Scottish mainland. In time, she finds inner peace and fulfilment on this idyllic island, gains respect of the islanders and takes her place in the community.
Isobel's happiness is short-lived however, as ghosts from her past continue to haunt the presnt. One instance in particular seals her fate on the island and forces her and her young brood to leave, while another quirk of fate sees them relocate to London.
With past and present interwoven, and repercussions shaping her destiny, the path of Isobel's life is beyond her control.

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